When you reach the true WAY beyond doubt,
it is as VAST and OPEN as space.

You have reached the Mezzanine.

I am rescuing others. I stop to chip away at ice.
A (crane?) moves a large block of ice onto a slab. Two men are enclosed in the ice slab. I don't know them today.

They have been asleep for years - 12, 13 years.
They don't seem to be harmed.
I ask them what they remember.

They tell me a story similar to mine about cracking ice and falling.
Why do we fall?

They ask me about that event (ice cracking and falling) which for them was only yesterday but for me was years ago.
I think to myself that they wont understand the lapse of time.

A momentary lapse of reason.
A momentary lapse of time.

I am here to thaw people out of time.   Time as ice.

I now have the knowledge....

Why Do We Fall

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it is in your footsteps that are the road, no more

the road is made by walking






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