I am in a small, strange town walking on what I think are ice and snow covered streets.

As I walk along, I hear and see ice cracking below my feet. I am not afraid. I watch the cracks widen with curiosity.

Suddenly, I am in the water but it is only tepid and not cold. I am pushed and swirled by the rushing waters. I try to pull myself up and out by grabbing onto large ice chunks on the sides. I slip and fall many times, but finally I manage to drag myself up and out of the murky waters.

Now, I am wet and cold. I search for a place to change my clothes. I walk into a house and get dry things. The couple who own the house are very gracious and understanding. There is a great deal of food, especially fruit -- many fruits, berries, cherries, apples, oranges. A beautiful buffet.

I ask for additional supplies so that I can help rescue others who have fallen into the ice. I get a hammer, screwdriver, wire-coat hanger, dry blankets and an oversize coat.

You today

Let go of the ordinary
Look into yourself
Resonate with this view


I ask for a bag to store the small items. The owner of the house says to help myself. I instinctively go to a kitchen drawer where I find small paper bags.

I ask myself:   How did I know about that drawer?

I now take a better look around at the kitchen. I am in my parents old house. It has been remodeled so I did not recognize it at first. I am really there.

Suddenly, I am overwhelmed by nostalgia. I can see bits of the old house between the furnishings of the new house.
A scrap of carpet - bold flowers...
A piece of tile - gray swirls...
Bits and pieces of yesterday are pasted onto today's house.

A wave of sadness grabs me like the icy waters grabbed me. All these past pieces of the old house are knitted together into the new house.

I tell the owners that my parents built this house and I am very proud of that fact. They are very genuinely interested to hear the story, but I tell them I cannot stay because I must go and rescue others trapped by the icy waters.

Before I leave, I stop to watch TV with someone. He says that this is a very important show. He gives me the remote control to reality.

I watch the show. I thank the man as I leave the theater room. He sighs and turns the channel. I don't remember the content of the show, but I do remember that it was not that important. What was important was to sit down and rest.

I am rescuing others. I stop to chip away at ice.
A (crane?) moves a large block of ice onto a slab.
The ice is melted (how?).

Two men are enclosed in the ice slab. I don't know them today. They have been asleep for years - 12, 13 years. They don't seem to be harmed.
I ask them what they remember. They tell me a story similar to mine about cracking ice and falling.
They ask me about that event (ice cracking and falling) which for them was only yesterday but for me was years ago. I think to myself that they wont understand the lapse of time.

A momentary lapse of reason.
A momentary lapse of time.

I am here to thaw people out of time.

Time as ice.

I now have the tools - hammer, screwdriver, wire-coat hanger.
I now have the supplies - blankets, oversize coat.
I now have the knowledge - the TV show content in memory.

I remember this dream clearly.




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